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Kickstarter Products

Thank you to everyone who made pledges on our Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is an incredibly challenging way to raise money with less than a third of campaigns a success and even less in our particular field. We are there incredibly grateful to all of our backers who made it possible.
The success of the campaign means that the film is now certain to happen and we are currently busy recruiting a small team to produce it. We are at advanced stages of this process and will release more information once all positions are confirmed. We will also be announcing our main film sponsors shortly.
Those who have made pledges should have received an email asking (if required) a delivery address for the products they purchased. Please respond to this email, as we will not be able to post your products if you do not. For expected delivery dates please read on;
There is a fourteen day window after a Kickstarter campaign completes before the funds are transferred. This enables Kickstarter to fix any transaction problems that may have occurred. We should therefore receive our funds on Tuesday 8th May, from which point we will move to send our products at the earliest opportunity, as set out below;
Signed books – Flying Over An Olive Grove
These have all been signed and are ready for dispatch once funds have transferred and addresses communicated to us.

Colourised Prints
These will be sent to print on 8th May with an expected delivery to us of around 5 working days. From here we will work to dispatch the prints at the earliest opportunity and we are aiming for everyone to have their prints by the end of the month.

Ambrose Langley Book
This book was dependant on Kickstarter being successful and the expected delivery on this is July. The text is currently being proof read and images and cover artwork still need to be finalised before the final proof is created.
DVD’s and Digital copies of the film
Timescales on the film will become clearer over the next couple of months and we suggest that you follow this blog to see the progress that we make. This will give you a good idea of when you should expect to receive these products.


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Film Blog

After a successful Kickstarter campaign our film, that tells the story of the birth and evolution of football through the life of Fred Spiksley, is now entering the recruitment and planning stages. We are this evening launching this blog so that everyone who has supported us over the last few years and any new comers to our work can follow our progress.

We hope this will be a way of showing how we are making the most out of the money that has been pledged. We will try and update it as much as possible, but obviously there will be periods that are busier than others.

Please feel free to get in touch with us directly if you want more information about Fred Spiksley and the project, or if you believe that you can help us in any way.

Spiksley Story Hits The US

Yesterday the Fred's story hit the US when it was the lead feature of this weeks Only A Game show on Wbur Radio in Boston. The episode will roll out across 300 different radio stations during the week across the whole of the United States.

The feature is nearly 15 minutes long and was produced by Karen Given who interviewed Clive and Mark a few weeks ago to create it and it was nice to see someone who had spent time reading the book draw out their favourite stories from the book.

To listen to the results click here

This comes shortly after our recent discovery that Fred Spiksley was the coach of Brooklyn Robin's Dry Docks football team in 1920, the year that they became Champions of America. That is a 4th National Championship for Fred as a coach.